Behnam Dezfouli

/bena:m/ /dezfəlɪ/

Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering, Santa Clara University
Director, SCU IoT Research Lab (SIOTLAB), Santa Clara University
Consultant (industry, litigation)

Office: 115, Bergin Hall (202)
Research Lab: H133 Heafey
500 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, California 

Email: bdezfouli [at] scu [dot] edu
Phone: (+1) 408-551-1634

Undergraduate students: Please contact me if you are interested in joining the IoT Research Lab.

Master’s Thesis: Completing a master’s thesis contributes at least 9 units towards the 46-unit degree requirement. Please email me your resume if you are interested in pursuing a master’s thesis or directed research.

PhD Program: In addition to our full-time Ph.D. program, we also offer part-time and industry track options for industry professionals. Please contact me for more information.

Please contact me if you are interested in giving a professional, technical, or educational talk at IEEE Commmunications Society SCV monthly event

Graduate Program of Study Approval:
During office hours