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Behnam Dezfouli 

/bena:m/     /dezfəlɪ/

Assistant Professor

Department of Computer Engineering

Santa Clara University (SCU) 


Office: EC 239, Bannan Engineering

Research Lab: Level 3, Guadalupe Hall

500 El Camino Real

Santa Clara, California



bdezfouli [at] scu [dot] edu



Campus: (+1) 408.551.1634

Google#: (+1) 408.758.2848

Office hours:

Thursday 3:00PM - 5PM

B.Sc. Comp. Hardware Eng.

M.Sc. Software Eng.

Ph.D. Computer Science

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Research: My research interests are in the area of networking, embedded systems, and mobile computing. The ever-increasing importance of these areas is supported by: increase in the number of connected devices, the use of wireless communication for networking, advances in low-power mobile computation, and sensing technologies on small devices. Networking, embedded systems and mobile computing are the enablers of applications such as patients surveillance, wireless industrial process control and automation, monitoring of structural vibration and material condition, smart agriculture, and monitoring and management of electrical grids, just to mention a few. Due to the significant impact of these applications on quality of life and sustainable development, a common theme in my research is to identify the design and development challenges of networked embedded systems for data collection and control applications (a.k.a., Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems). The central question driving much of my work is that what are the principles underlying the design of predictable, manageable and scalable networked systems?

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